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Bentley Specialist

Founded by W. O. Bentley in North London, Bentley Motors celebrated it's 100th Anniversary in 2019.

Originally famous for their success in Sports Car racing using innovative engineering to outclass their opposition, Bentley has since become synonymous with elegance and luxury.

And what better testament to their status in the luxury automotive world than being the limousine of choice to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll, denoted by a Royal Seal on all of their products.

With their elegant design yet brutal power there is not much on the the road that can challenge their line up of modern cars.

We take pride in caring for your work of art which is why we only use genuine Bentley parts sourced directly from the UK. Each service or repair is completed following the official workshop manuals and all work is quality tested by our senior management to ensure your car is returned to you in immaculate condition.

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